Where the loves bud and becomes eternal...a romantic dinner is what you deserve!


Starting from: Portofino
Duration: 7 hours

Depart from your hotel in Portofino to Finale Ligure, one of the quaint villages in the Ligurian Coast. Visit the village.
Finale Ligure"The first document citing the town is from 967, when it was included in the Marca Aleramica created by Emperor Otto I. Later a possession of Bonifacio Del Vasto, it was inherited by the Del Carretto who made it the base of a powerful Marquisate which they enlarged absorbing the neighbouring fiefs, and which raised the hostility of the Republic of Genoa. After various disputes, in 1385 the Del Carretto were compelled to cede most of their lands to the Genoese; their rule was however not well accepted, and a true war ensued in 1447-1448, which ended with a Genoese victory.
In 1496 Alfonso I Del Carretto obtained the investiture of the whole marquisate by Emperor Maximilian I, alter confirmed by Charles V. In 1558, however, the misgovernment of Alfonso II Del Carretto created attrition with the population, with the encroachment of Genoa, which claimed new lands from the Emperor. The Spanish governor of Milan therefore occupied Finale in 1571, and the town passed under the Spanish rule in 1602.
The Marquisate was acquired by the Republic of Genoa in 1713, being confirmed in the possession by the Peace of Aix-la-Chapelle of 1748. The town became part of the Kingdom of Sardinia in 1815 and of the Kingdom of Italy in 1861. At that time the Finale area was divided in several small Comuni: Finalborgo, Finalmarina, Finalpia, Gorra, Perti, Calvisio, Varigotti. Between 1869 and 1877, a time of administrative reforms, only the three Finales survived after swallowing their smaller neighbors amidst recriminations. It was the Fascist regime, bent on creating wider Comuni, to eventually unify these townships in the Comune of Finale Ligure in 1927.
At the indicated time, we will be transferred to the reserved restaurant for a private romantic dinner. Back to Portofino after dinner."


THE EXPERIENCE INCLUDES: Private car , private guide, visit to Finale Ligure, special romantic Dinner at local restaurant including 3 courses and ¼ wine + ½ beverages



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