Ortigia, before Jewish ghetto, now the richest and chic part in the city, with a strong Jewish heart!

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Starting from: Hotel
Duration: 7 hours

The Tour will be dedicated to the Jewish presence in town, but first it will start with a visit to the Archaeological Park of Neapolis , which houses most of the monuments of Greek and Roman Syracuse. It 's the most representative area of the ancient Greek city, with large areas of green from which a path traced through the ancient Roman road leads to the main archaeological monuments: Greek Theatre, still used for classical performances, the Roman Amphitheatre The Latomia of Paradise with the 'Ear of Dionysius and the Rope Makers Cave, the' Altar of Hiero, and the church of St. Nicholas to Cordaro. It continues with a visit to Ortigia, the soul of Syracuse, between the Greek temples and Christian churches, palaces, Swabians, Aragonese and Baroque palaces, courtyards, alleys Arabs, shops, homes and small beautiful squares, we will visit the splendid baroque square and the fountain Arethusa Cathedral surrounded by palaces. Free lunch.
At this point of the day, we will visit one of the main European Jewish sites: Syracuse offers the possibility to visit one of the few Jewish baths still existing. Visit the Mikve and at the end of the tour, back to Catania.
The arrival of groups of Jews to Syracuse is difficult to date, since there is very little direct evidence since they lack paper documents and inscriptions, and only in recent years have found artifacts that crack open some more. Much of the history of Syracuse lacks the necessary supports to be able to describe in detail since natural disasters, invasions and neglect have also deleted the archives, collections and exhibits. As for the Jews we have a more difficult because, after the expulsion of 1492, were erased the traces of their stay more than a thousand years, almost fiercely, especially by the religious and the Holy Inquisition. It is also an attempt to darkening of the civil and religious buildings: the synagogue is transformed in the church of St. St. Philip the Apostle and well Giovanello occupies the place of Jewish worship.

THE EXPERIENCE INCLUDES: Private car, private guide, local guide in Syracuse (max 04 hours), entrance fee to Mikve (Jewish baths)


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