It looks like an arabic country, it's colored like an Asian market and it's old like a millenary monument, yes, it's one of the markets in Palermo

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Starting from: Hotel
Duration: 7 hours

Day dedicated to the secrets of Sicilian cuisine. We will first visit one of the most famous and surely the most colourfulopen markets in town: Mercato del Capo. There, we will assist the sales "techniques" of the street vendors in the crowdy market. Furthermore we will do our shopping and buy all the necessary products to prepare our special and succulent Palermitan's lunch.
Be ready to move to a local restaurant where the Chef will be at our disposal to transmit all the necessary techniques to prepare the typical dishes.
After the cooking lesson (hands on), we will enjoy our lunch and will leave the place with a unique remember.
One of the markets of Palermo, situated in a "popular quarter" of Muslim origin, who has maintained "with its intricate labyrinth" the appearance "of an Eastern souk." With almost courtly style it offers us all kind of people who try to sell the many local products.
We will be met by the owner, Mrs Rosalia who will pass all the secrets of the Sicilian cuisine.

THE EXPERIENCE INCLUDES: Private car , private guide, cooking lesson and lunch at a local restaurant


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