Discovering the Trapani area monuments
Meeting at your hotel and depart for Segesta to visit the Doric temple. On a hill outside the ancient city of Segesta we will find a remarkably well preserved Doric temple. It was built at first in the fifth century. BC and various details suggest that it was never really finished.

Continue to Erice and visit the medieval village. The ancient name of Erice was Eryx (Έρυξ in greek), and its foundation is associated with the greek hero with the same name, Eryx. It was a Greek colony, however, was for the most part Hellenized. It was destroyed by the Carthaginians in the first Punic War, and since then its importance diminished.

Eryx was conquered by Aghlebids in '831, and was renamed as Cebel Hamid (according to Western sources gebel hamed, which means Mountain of Hamid). It was ruled by the Arabs for three centuries, until the Norman conquest in 1167. The Normans changed the name to Monte San Giuliano. It was known as Monte San Giuliano until 1934.

Then on to Trapani to enjoy the panoramic visit to the mills that are used to extract the salt. Return to Palermo.



Departure time: 08.30 AM (at your hotel)

Duration: 6 hours

Entrance fees are not included

Lunch is not included

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